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How the SalTrax™ Method works

An Example:

It was a Monday afternoon when, John, an active 55 year old man, went to his annual visit with his doctor in good spirits. He’d stopped smoking years ago, had been watching his fat intake and exercising three days a week. Thinking that he was doing everything right, he was surprised to find that his blood pressure was high. Sure, he had a few pounds to lose but doesn’t everyone, he thought to himself.

Dr. Smith told him that he had a choice. He could go on medication to lower his blood pressure or he could first try eating a low-sodium diet for six months. John decided that he’d like to try the diet instead of having to pay for and remember to take a pill. Furthermore, many medications have side effects. With an admonition to “take the salt shaker off of his table” and one pamphlet talking about high sodium foods to avoid, John went home to change his way of eating. However, after just a few days of trying to figure out how to eat a low-sodium diet, John gave up in frustration. He found that all the many ways of measuring sodium: in thousands of milligrams, grams, teaspoons, shakes and “pinches” just too confusing.

The next day when John mentioned his frustration to his friend Joe, Joe gave him his copy of “How to keep track of your salt intake: Easy as 1 – 2 – 3”. After just a a few hours of reading and practicing the exercises in the book John felt he now understood how to keep track of the sodium in his diet. He felt more in control and even fixed himself lunch, easily reading food labels and keeping track of the sodium in his foods. John fixed himself a 6 Point lunch because Dr. Smith recommended a “2 – 3 Gm sodium diet” based on his medical condition. From reading this book, John knew that he should limit each meal or snack (based on 3 meals/2snacks per day) to no more than 5 points.

Here is an example of John’s lunch that first day:

-Turkey Sandwich with Lettuce, Tomato, Light Mayo on Low-Sodium Bread
-Green Salad, Homemade dressing of lemon juice & olive oil with herbs
-Chicken Noodle Soup – Low- Sodium Easy Open, Heat & Eat (Campbell’s)
-Chips, Unsalted Blue Corn (Trader Joe’s) – 1 serving
-Decaf Coffee
(Note: Check product food labels as different brands may have different sodium content)

John's lunch

Food Item
SalTrax™ Points
Low-Sodium Turkey – 2 slices
2 (226mg)
Light Mayo – 1 Tbsp
1 (120 mg)
Low-Sodium Bread – 2 slices
0 (14 mg)
Lettuce, Tomato
0 (2, 4 mg)
Tossed Green Salad – 1 cup
0 (20 mg)
Dressing: 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil & Herbs
0 (0 mg)
Low – Sodium Ready to Heat & Eat Chicken Noodle Soup – 1 can
1 (140 mg
Unsalted Blue Corn Chips
0 (10 mg)
Decaf Coffee
*0 (4 mg)
Total SaltTrax™ Points

* Over 2 items with “0” points – count as 1 SalTrax™ Point



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